From Costa Blanca to Costa del Sol: The Best Beaches to Explore in Spain

The sun, sand, and sea in Spain are irresistible. The country boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches that will make you want to extend your stay indefinitely! If you’re planning a trip to Spain and are looking for some beachside fun, then look no further as we’ve got you covered. We’re taking you on a journey from Costa Blanca to Costa del Sol as we explore the best beaches that Spain has to offer. So lather on some sunscreen and let’s hit the shores!

List of the Best Beaches in Spain

There are many beautiful beaches to visit in Spain, but which are the best beaches? This list includes the 10 best Spanish beaches according to TripAdvisor reviewers.

1. Playa de la Concha (Costa Blanca): Sightseers rave about Playa de la Concha for its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beach.

2. Cala D’Or (Costa del Sol): Also known as Cabo Rojo, Cala D’Or boasts turquoise waters and a long, golden sand beach.

3. Elbow Beach (Málaga): Elbow Beach is popular with families for its shallow waters and wide range of activities on offer, such as windsurfing and swimming.

4. Caminito de Hielo (Galicia): With crystal-clear water, Caminito de Hielo is a must-visit for ice climbers looking to experience a unique location in Galicia.

5. Banyuls-sur-Mer (Pyrénées-Atlantiques): A secluded beach surrounded by pine trees, Banyuls-sur-Mer is perfect for relaxation with clear blue waters and soft white sand beaches.

From Costa Blanca to Costa del Sol

If you’re looking to escape the typical Spanish vacation spot and explore some of the country’s prettier coastlines, look no further than Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. Here you can find powdery sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, rocky cliffs and rolling hills – all perfect for a day at the beach.

In Costa Blanca, worth checking out are Playa de la Concha and Cala Mesquitel. Both have calm turquoise waters and plenty of beachside restaurants and bars to relax in after swimming or sunbathing. If Cala Mesquitel isn’t quite enough for you, head over to Playa de las Américas for a bit more excitement: its waves allow surfing (if you’re up for it!) while its pebble beach promises hours of fun in the sun.

If you’re longing for some more secluded beaches, take a trip to Costa del Sol. Its long coastline is dotted with enchanting coves that offer stunning views and only a few minutes’ walk from pristine sand beaches. Some favorites include playas Negra del Corallo and Los Haitises both of which are easily accessible by car or bus from the resort towns of Puerto de la Cruz and Malaga respectively – making them ideal places to stay if you plan on sticking around during your visit.

What to Expect on a Beach Vacation in Spain

If you’re looking for an idyllic, sandy beachfront vacation in Spain, look no further than the Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol. Both areas have miles and miles of coastline where you can swim, sunbathe and lounge on the sand. For a more active experience, head to bonnie woods or long beaches (like Playa de Palma) for surfing or diving. And if you want to explore the country side, don’t forget to check out the stunning green valleys and small villages dotting this region.

Tips for Traveling to Spain’s Best Beaches

There are many stunning beaches in Spain, and each offers its own unique coastal charms. From Costa Blanca to Costa del Sol, these are the best beaches to explore in Spain.

Costa Blanca: Located on the southern coast of the island of Ibiza, Costa Blanca boasts some of the most stunning white-sand beaches in all of Europe. The long golden beach stretches along the coastline for over 20 km, with crystal-clear waters and awe-inspiring views of the Mediterranean Sea. Cap d’Agde, a lively seaside resort town renowned for its hot springs and nightlife, is just an hour’s drive away from the beach.

Costa del Sol: Spanning over 1,300 km2 and ranking as one of Europe’s largest tourist destinations, Costa del Sol includes over 120 miles of pristine Mediterranean coastline. Morro de São Bartolomeu is a dramatic cape located just outside the city of Malaga, while Playa de Las Americas is one of Costa del Sol’s most popular beaches and home to several high-end resorts. As well as being a great place to sunbathe or swim, both coasts offer plenty of interesting attractions such as historical towns, impressive caves and beautiful National Parks.


If you’re looking for some of the best beaches in all of Europe, look no further than Spain. From Costa Blanca’s idyllic white sands to sun-soaked Fuerteventura’s golden sand, there is sure to be a beach perfect for you on this Mediterranean paradise. Add some Spanish wine and tapas sprawled out on the beachfront and you’ve got everything you need to enjoy an exhilarating day at the coast. Be sure to pack your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen – Spain has plenty of stunning shorelines waiting to be explored!